Current version 1.0.4 released on 02/05/00

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About CS Debugger

CS Debugger is a Control Strip Module dedicated to developers and Macsbug's users. It gives shortcuts of the most used commands of Macsbug. You have to drag this item into the "Control Strip Modules" folder in the "System Folder" and restart.

When a low-level debugger is installed (like Macsbug or Jasik Debugger), you can invoke it easily. If you are familiar with Macsbug and ResEdit, you can customize the behavior of the menu items. Look STR# ID=257 and MENU ID=256 for more details.

Release Notes

1.0.4 (02/05/00)
- URLs updated.

1.0.3 (10/01/98)
- Minor changes to support customization of the menu, now it works.
- Adds new commands to enable and disable Even Better Bus Error (EBBE),
  requires the last version of Macsbug 6.5.4a6. The frequency of check
  for writes to NIL has been fixed to 10 milliseconds.

1.0.2 (03/13/98)
- Supports the new Macsbug 6.5.4a4 feature (DX state back to ON).

1.0.1 (01/08/97)
- First public version.

1.0 (12/20/94)
- First version, private release.

Download CS Debugger 1.0.4 (Size: 6 KB)
Version 5 or later of StuffIt Expander is required to extract CS Debugger.


MacsBug is Apple's assembly-level 680x0 and PowerPC debugger for Mac OS. It can be used to debug code running in most execution environments, from applications to drivers, and everything in between. It's often used as a bug-reporting tool by many 3rd-party developers, as well as Mac OS system software developers

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