Current version 1.0 released on 11/20/00

About Reorder Disk Icons

Reorder Disk Icons is a useful AppleScript Applet that changes the order of the disk icons like it was before the Finder 8.5.

The pre OS 8.5 Finder uses the mounted disk order. The Finder 8.5 or higher places the disk icons according to the disk's free space, with the startup disk first.

Note: The changes are temporary, the original positions will be used when you restart your Macintosh or if you run an installer that quits all applications before doing installation.

To place your disk icons as previous Finder did it, just copy the Applet into the "Startup Items" folder.
To restore the original disk positions just restart your Mac without Reorder Disk Icons in your "Startup Items" folder.

Download Reorder Disk Icons Applet (Size: 4 KB)
Version 5 or later of StuffIt Expander is required to extract Reorder Disk Icons.

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