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About Trash*Desktop

Trash*Desktop is Drag&Drop utility for rebuilding the Desktop of any disk. It sets the files "Desktop DB", "Desktop DF" and "Desktop" to visible and then move them to the Trash. Trash*Desktop is no more useful under Mac OS X or Classic, check Mac OS X Help to learn how to rebuild the Desktop or read below.

Just drop any unprotected local disk and then restart the Mac for rebuilding a fresh new Desktop files.

The AppleScript file called "Trash All &" shows how to select all mounted volumes and move the Desktop files to the Trash. The file "Trash All & Restart" is the applet version, you just need to select Trask*Desktop the first time you launch it.

Caution: The Finder comments are deleted when you rebuild the Desktop files with Trash*Desktop.

Keep in mind that the Desktop files are always in use by the Finder when you move them to the Trash until you restart or unmount the disk.

About the Desktop files

Apple TIL: Mac OS: Rebuilding Desktop File and Icon Recovery

ScienceQuest Macintosh Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Rebuilding the Desktop

One-click Desktop Rebuilding under Mac OS X

If you've been using the Mac for years, no doubt you're familiar with the concept of rebuilding the desktop in Mac OS 9. It's one of those things you do once a month, whether you need it or not, to keep everything running smoothly, to keep your icons looking right, plus a host of other good things.

You used to rebuild the desktop by holding Option-Command while booting your computer or running Trash*Desktop, but now you don't have to (especially since holding Option-Command while booting in Mac OS X won't rebuild your Classic desktop).

Now, it's easier than ever. Just go under the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and click on the Classic icon. When its pane appears, click on the Advanced tab, and the advanced features pane will appear with a Rebuild Desktop button (at the bottom of the pane). Just click it, and it does its thing. You don't even have to restart Classic — just click the button. In fact, you don't even have to launch Classic to rebuild the desktop.

What's new

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Compatibility and System requirements

Trash*Desktop works fine on iMac, Power Macintosh, iBook, PowerBook or Macintosh under:

Trash*Desktop does not work on Classic Macintosh (like Mac Plus, SE or Classic).

Release Notes

1.3.1 (11/10/00)
- Correct the e-mail address in the About box, oops!

1.3 (01/13/00)
- Mac OS 9 savvy, when the "Multiple Users" facility is activated, TD allows desktop
  rebuilding for the Mac's owner only.
- Minor changes in the About box.

1.2.1 (05.03.99)
- The Navigation Services is now "weak" linked (oops!:) and used only if present.

1.2 (28.01.99)
- Mac OS 8.5 savvy, when Mac OS 8.5 is present TD uses the Navigation services
  for selecting a disk. The warnings and messages are now displayed with the
  Red Alerts when the Appearance Manager is present (Mac OS 8.x).
- Balloons help have been added for the menus and the Preferences dialog.
- First public version in French.

1.1.4 (10.07.98)
- Part of text item in the Preferences dialog was invisible.

1.1.3 (06.07.98)
- Fixes some memory problems and spelling errors. (Thanks to Larry Lloyd).
- Now 100 KB is required.

1.1.2 (23.06.98)
- Dialogs and alerts adapted for Mac OS 8 Platinum Appearance (:-)

1.1.1 (18.12.97)
- Checks the preferences before to move the Desktop and AppleShare PDS
  files to the Trash (version 1.1 moves always the Desktop and the AppleShare PDS files)
- Replace the words trashed and to trash with right terms, I hope :-)

1.1 (17.12.97)
- "Trash Desktop Files..." menu item added.
- "Trash Desktop Files on All Volume" menu item added.
- "Preferences..." menu item added.
- New e-mail address.

1.0.2 (07.01.97)
- Fixed minor problems with the bundle info (BNDL).

1.0.1 (15.11.96)
- Don't report AE error -1700 (errAEEventNotHandled) with AppleScript.
- Add a small AppleScript example to show how to trash all Desktop files and restart the Mac.
  Thanks to Alan Summerfield for his suggestion.

1.0 (06.11.96)
- First public version.

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