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Release Notes

2.5.1 (01/06/08)
- Adds Exif orientation tag for JPEG and TIFF files
- Fixes minor issues with Leopard (aka Mac OS X 10.5)

2.5 (06/02/05)
- ColorSync savvy application (displaying and printing)
- Adds a Color Settings command to edit default behavior with ICC profile and ColorSync
- Uses sRGB profile automatically when opening a jpg file with EXIF tag but no embedded profile
- Addresses issues when scrolling the current selection
- Addresses issues when scrolling with a big zoom factor and/or a large image
- Fixes a minor issue with Tiger (aka Mac OS X 10.4)

2.4 (03/24/04)
- new enhanced Marquee tool: faster, more accurate and selection can be moved.
Still support Drag&Drop to Desktop with Command modifier
- new Selection menu with fixed size and aspect ratios predefined or customized,
aspect ratio can be inverted during the selection with the Option modifier key depressed.
- adds new scaling methods in Resize Image popup menu: Lanczos3 and Lanczos5 (OS X 10.3 only)
- supports smaller TIFF images when applicable in the preview window (faster preview rendering)
- uses .jpg file extension for JPEG file instead of .jpeg as in the previous versions
- fixes minor memory leaks
- 2.4 is the last minor version developed for Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x (Carbon version). That's All Folks!

2.3.1 (11/30/03)
- adds new saving options: EXIF data and ICC profile for JPEG and TIFF formats only
- minor fixes

Mac OS X only:
- supports the scroll wheel in the active window and inactive window under the cursor
- adds support for PDF file and new icon for PDF file
- fixes crash under OS X 10.1 with Rotation command
- fixes save/export error -48 with Japanese script

Mac OS 9 only:
- updates TIFF icon

2.3 (09/27/02)
- new icon for application and documents
- file are now saved with the Goldberg signature! Yes, finally!
- adds file type extension in the file name when saving a file (and sync with the File Type popup menu)
- adds Resample algorithms popup menu in the Resize window (minor changes in the dialog)
resample algorithms are Nearest Neighbor, Bi-Linear, Bicubic Spline, Bicubic B-Spline and QT 6
- adds JPEG 2000 support, with QuickTime 6 only (Open and Save/Save As)
- adds TIFF options dialog directly in Save As command (instead of the Export command)
- ICC profile is saved when detected in image file (but not yet used, next version)
- adds a cache for the current image preview in Open dialog (accelerate updates and navigation)
- improves the image preview's quality in Open dialog
- adds Hand tool in the Toolbar (Hand tool is still available with other tool while CapsLock key is locked)
- now a Tool can be chosen using its key (M:Selection (Marquee), Z:Zoom, H:Hand)
- new Save All command (menu File)
- new Close All command (menu File with Command+Option modifiers keys)
- new Minimize All Windows command (menu Window with Command+Option modifiers keys)
- new Expand All Windows command (menu Window with Command+Shift modifiers keys)
- new Cycle Through Windows command (menu Window)
- improves the image quality at 66.66% (workaround of QD bug)
- improves the image quality with QuickTime rotation option (QuickTime 6 only)
- QuickTime 6 fixes the bug with the QT Effects dialog

2.2.1 (09/09/01)
- Carbon version: fixes an application's crash if CarbonLib is not installed or deactivated
- Classic version: corrects the problem: "The application failed to initialize. (-5551)"
if CarbonLib is not installed or deactivated.

2.2 (09/07/01)
- adds new resize image command
- fixes a problem when saving a modified TIFF file created under Mac OS X 10
(e.g. with Grab application)
- fixes a problem when reading Finder Clipping file
- new image from PICT clipboard (containing only text) uses anti-aliasing
- minor fixes (mainly for Mac OS X 10.1 support)

Important Note: Mac OS X 10.0.4 is not recommended due to several QuickDraw bugs

2.1.5 (06/28/01)
- adds PDF file type in the Format Popup menu (under OS X 10)
- workaround for the window update bug of QuickTime Effects (under OS X 10)
- minor fixes

2.1.4 (06/07/01)
- file having a name with extension with upper cases, like .JPEG or .JPG, can be chosen
- size of mach-o file has been reduced (1.5 MB -> 900 KB) {Mac OS X only}
- minor fixes

2.1.3 (06/01/01)
- gif or FlashPix image file need to be saved as new file only when it has been changed
- window menu follows the Mac OS X Guidelines (active window, minimized into the Dock, unsaved changes)
- minor fixes and improvements

2.1.2 (05/16/01)
- opens the image to fit its window as default when bigger than its window (instead 100%)
- full support of long filenames and international scripts when saving/exporting/printing file
- improved support of icon proxy in the window's title
- fixes minor cosmetic problems when printing
- fixes a memory leak in mach-o version when opening PICT file
- minor fixes and improvements

2.1.1 (05/04/01)
- fixes a crash with the Carbon version only when QT 5.0.1 and
  CarbonLib previous to 1.3.1 are installed
- Carbon version now runs under Mac OS 8.6 with CarbonLib 1.2.5 with some minor limitations
(due to Navigation Services 1.1)
- CarbonLib version required is 1.2.5,
  when QT 5.0.1 is installed it's recommended to install CarbonLib 1.3.1 or later.

2.1 (04/28/01)
- mach-o version under Mac OS 10.0, faster that Carbon version particularly when launching!
- improved drawing and faster scrolling for Carbon version (OS 9 and X)
- supports TIFF and PDF clipboard types under Mac OS X only
- improved opening of unknown files type when QT 5.0 installed
- new viewing commands and add the "Fit on Screen" command in the Zoom popup menu
- supports long file names (>31) with Carbon, with Classic limited support only
- supports Finder Clipping files of type clpp
- fixes a bug with stripped pixmaps under Mac OS X and QT 5 (Copy Special command)
- fixes a bug with the rotation algorithm (tent filter) in rare cases, mach-o only

2.0 (03/27/01)
- final release:
   fixes some minor problems under Mac OS X 10.0
   PDF files can be opened under OS X 10.0
   uses a popup menu under OS X 10.0 for selecting zoom ratio

2.0b7 (03/09/01)
- beta expires the 03/01/2001 now, final version will be released for Mac OS X's introduction

2.0b6 (02/01/01)
- fixes a saving problem when QTExporter doesn't exist like GIF or FlashPix file
- minor changes when exporting image

2.0b5 (01/25/01)
- adds a hand tool for navigation, usable with any other tool: just lock the CapsLock key to use the new tool
  (Thanks to Brian Slick for his suggestion)
  note: the arrows keys, page up/down and home/end keys can be also used for navigating in image
- adds the Collapse and Uncollapse Window commands in the Window menu
  note the Cmd-M shortcut is now for the Collapse Window command instead Zoom Window
- contextual menu has been enhanced with new commands
- adds the "All Documents" item in the Open dialog's popup menu
- file extension is used when the file type is missing or unknown
  (all QuickTime file extensions are applicable)
- adds the 'plst' resource for Mac OS X Public Preview (and later :-)
- fixes a drawing problem at zoom factor about 66.67% (appears when scrolling) (QD bug ?!)

2.0b4 (12/26/00)
- add preview options in open dialog
- allow to save large image (width >= 4092 pixels and 32-bits) as PICT file
- minor fixes and changes

2.0b3 (12/22/00)
- internal release

2.0b2 (11/20/00)
- major rewrite: mainly add undo support, rotation capabilities, Carbon savvy and more

1.5d10 (02/03/99)
- last public release of version 1.5

1.5d1 (06/10/99)
- first public release

Goldberg 2.5.1, ©1996-2008 Opus Software. All Rights Reserved.

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